Midcoast Takeover FAQ

MidCoast Takeover FAQs

If you are interested in traveling down to Austin, Texas, for the Midwest Music Foundation’s MidCoast Takeover, then this is the page for you! We have an enormous amount of fun each year and we would be glad to have you!

There are often many questions about how to participate in MidCoast Takeover and we have compiled the more frequently asked ones here for you to read and get answers. If your question isn’t answered, feel free to contact us here.

When is this year’s MidCoast Takeover?

March 18-21, 2020

Where is MidCoast Takeover?

We are happy to have found a home at The Shangri-La located at 1016 East 6th St., Austin, Texas.

Is it an official showcase?


Well then, why do it if it’s not “official”?

We give our bands the best possible opportunity to do the amazing work they do. Professional detail is paid to the quality of the sound, stage and video production of the showcase. Our showcase has been named one of the “best unofficial showcases” for several years and we have also gained attention of national press, record labels, and booking agents.  If you are curious how past showcases went over, check out this glowing review that appeared in USA Today.

What is the general format of the MidCoast Takeover showcase?

The primary focus of MidCoast Takeover is to showcase the awesome music from the Kansas City area and Midwest. It is not limited to Midwest-focused acts; we have had and will continue to have artists peppered in from all over the world. Additionally, a handful of slots are reserved for some larger national touring acts. Check out the MidCoast Takeover last year to find out about artists that have performed at MidCoast Takeover in the past. However, we reserve the right to change the format from year to year as we see fit.

What is the Midwest Music Foundation?

The Midwest Music Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational arts organization that also helps fill a health care gap for musicians working in Kansas City and surrounding area. It is run ENTIRELY by volunteers who care about our mission. The Midwest Music Foundation (MMF) unites and empowers the greater Kansas City music community by providing programs and resources to area musicians through outreach, support, education, and healthcare opportunities.

The MidCoast Takeover sounds expensive. How do you finance such a giant event?

MidCoast Takeover has been funded in years past by fundraiser shows, donations, registration fees, sponsorships and Kickstarter campaigns. We’re thinking of selling cookies this year too.

Will my band be paid?

No. Since we are an unofficial showcase, we can’t charge admission to the show so we must do fundraising to offset the huge costs of hosting the showcase. If fundraising efforts are successful, we have been able to offer a small stipend to help with expenses in the past, but this is not guaranteed.

Can bands outside the Kansas City area register?

Yes. MidCoast Takeover is not limited to Midwest-focused acts. We encourage bands from all over the United States (and the world) to register!

When will bands be notified of selections?

The selection committee will vote soon after the December 1 registration deadline, and all bands will be notified by email of the selections as soon as possible. We plan to notify all bands by December 31st to allow for time to book additional shows in the area and en route to Austin.

So once my band is selected, will Midwest Music Foundation find us a place to stay in Austin?

No. If your band is selected, you will know by late December. If you are headed to Texas for other shows, plans to get down there and back should already be in the works. We aren’t responsible for getting you down there or getting you home, the dates in between, or your care and feeding in Austin or on the road. We can guarantee a pretty awesome stage on East Sixth Street to play on, beer the day that you play, our forever love and respect and some decent press leading up to the event. How successful your spring tour is, however, is entirely up to you.

Austin is a long way and gas is really expensive. Why would a band even do that?

Well, if you’ve never been to Austin in the spring and you fancy yourself a musician (or music fan for that matter), it’s a pretty amazing experience. For a few weeks in March, the city of Austin transforms itself into an insane, breathtaking, over-stimulated, amplified circus of songs. If you have had anything to do with music ever, it’s an incredible thing to witness. It’s also an incredible opportunity to expose the music being created here to the widest and most diverse possible audience in the shortest amount of time. Yeah, touring is expensive. C’mon now… we certainly aren’t the first people to tell you that. Bring stuff to sell. Bring stuff to give away. Bring a sleeping bag. Unless they are incredibly well-behaved, don’t bring pets. Wash your socks. And don’t get a speeding ticket — they aren’t kidding in Texas.

Will there be a backline?


Do you need a backline list?

If your band is selected, yes, we will need a line list. This information, plus other detailed tidbits, will be included in the “band email” which includes riotous information about drink tickets and parking. But first things first.

What’s up with song upload business?

MMF likes to promote the music and artists that are playing the MidCoast Takeover. We require an artist music file (mp3) of your music to be uploaded at the time of registration. These files are available to the MidCoast Takeover selection committee as an additional tool for artist selection. If your band is selected to play MidCoast Takeover, we reserve the right to use your song to promote the event. We assemble a downloadable list of free songs from the artists selected to play MidCoast Takeover in a bandcamp player. Please make sure that the song that you choose to upload is something that you don’t mind your fans having free access to.

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All that being said, don’t forget to REGISTER FOR MIDCOAST TAKEOVER!

XOXO — Midwest Music Foundation