Midcoast Music

Since 2010, MidCoast Takeover has served to gather musicians from across the Midwest to show the nation that this area shouldn’t be looked over as simply farmland. We are grateful to all musicians who have participated in past events of MidCoast Takeover, and to those gracing our stages in the future.

Here are our Bandcamp playlists for each of the previous events hosted in Austin, Texas over the years.

Some of our favorite past performers’ media to bring back the memories and inspire new ones in the years to come.
So, get inspired by plugging in and tuning the world out! Cheers and enjoy the music of the Midwest!

MidCoast Takeover 2017

MidCoast Takeover 2016

MidCoast Takeover 2015

MidCoast Takeover 2014

MidCoast Takeover 2013

MidCoast Takeover 2012

MidCoast Takeover 2011

Midwasteland Takeover 2010